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About The Eric Drew Foundation


If you are very lucky, you came to this website by pure chance
but, unfortunately, the odds are fairly slim that you found
us on the web by accident. The odds are more likely that you were
directed here by either a friend or a search engine. Yes, I personally
know what it’s like to find out that a friend or loved one has
been diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness and that their
chance of survival is not very good. The initial shock is staggering
– then, a desperate time follows where you search for cures and
answers. It’s not easy, but remember, you’re not alone.

The idea and motivation to create a fund to support serious or
terminally ill patients is due to a very special person, Eric
Drew, a long time resident of Los Gatos, California. When Eric
was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in December of
2002 and then given only a small chance to survive over the following
weeks, his friends and family pulled together to do whatever they
could to help.

As Eric made it through the initial chemotherapy treatment to
put his Leukemia into temporary remission, his friends and family
created a non-profit charity organization to help all Leukemia
patients with the financial and emotional hardships faced by people
suffering from this disease. Over time we have been learning the
needs first hand and trying to do what we can to address these
needs in the most positive manner possible.

The costs involved in treating a seriously ill patient can be
astronomical and even the best insurance will never pay for all
of it. The cost of fighting for survival can easily bankrupt an
individual, an entire family and even companies.

As you will unfortunately find out, most all non-profit organizations
trying to help with serious or terminal illnesses concentrate their
efforts on finding a cure through research grants. Although the
search for cures is very important, this far-sighted approach fails
to address the immediate needs of patients who are fighting for
their lives at this very moment. The Eric Drew Foundation was created
to fill this void and address the needs of people suffering today.

The Eric Drew Foundation is run entirely by volunteers and will always need the
help of people who are willing to donate their time, talent and expertise. There
is a lot of work to be done and we need people to help do it. Even just your
suggestions and experience can be valuable for making things better for everyone.
If you find a resource or have an idea please contact us.


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